Defining the Product


Most troubled projects can trace many of their problems to their initial formation.  This course begins with a series of key discussions that will leverage the team building, decision making and prioritization knowledge gained in The Savvy Technology Purchaser.  A sample list of key decisions are listed below.  That list can be customized to the specific needs of your organization.  


Defining the Product is ideal for business and private sector customers who are about to lead a specific software development program.  Ideally the critical leadership for the IT program should attend the course as one team.

Course Objectives

The following list is a sample of key decision candidates for your program.  Each area begins with a context setting introduction and then proceeds to a facilitated session to reach the decision. 

  1. Specific Strategic Objectives the Product achieves and how they will be measured.  Also the forces pushing the Product forward and the forces resisting delivery of the Product.
  2. Procurement Considerations – Your organization has many ways to procure the various items necessary to deliver the software product and understanding the considerable impacts procurement has to overall product delivery is key.
  3. Program Management – The approach that will be used to management the business readiness components, such as Training, Stakeholder Communications, etc.
  4. A full day immersion in “A Day in the Life of a Product Development Team”.  This exercise allows customers and technology leadership to experience two different approaches, Agile and Waterfall, how decisions get made, how scope gets managed and how Quality Assurance is done.  
  5. Product Management and Development Methodology that will be used to manage the features to be included in the product and define the software methodology to deliver those features.

Course Duration and Delivery Options

Defining the Product is delivery in 3 contiguous days at the client site.  Alternate schedules and delivery models can be arranged for your specific organization's requirements.


The exact cost for the course will be provided as a statement of work based on your specific organization's requirements. 

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