Product Delivery with SAFe


Product Delivery is a learned behavior.  This section begins with a two day course titled, “Leading SAFe” followed by another immersion course titled “A Day in the Life of a DevOps Team”


Product Delivery with SAFe is designed for business and private sector customers who are about to lead a specific Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) software development program.  Ideally the critical leadership and key individual contributors for the specific SAFe program should attend the course as one team.

Course Objectives

Software Delivery with SAFe begins with the standard two day "Leading SAFe" course.   The third day focuses on experiencing a live, immersive experience of a SAFe development team, with several topic discussion on the items listed below.

  1. Iterative Delivery – SAFe assumes the product will be delivered in the smallest pieces possible to reduce overall risk.  This key decision focuses on what off the shelf portions of the solution can be leveraged and what must be custom built.  
  2. Predictable Delivery - At its core Agile relies on an organization becoming metrics driven.  This topic focuses on how to migrate from a best efforts organization to a metrics driven organization.
  3. Agile Technology Implications – There are a number of techniques that Agile requires of a technology organization to be successful, including automation and leveraging cloud computing.  The final “A Day in the Life of a DevOps Team” allows business and technology to experience that world.

Course Duration and Delivery Options

Ideally Product Delivery with SAFe is delivery in 3 contiguous days at the client site.  Alternate schedules and delivery models can be arranged for your specific organization's requirements.


The exact cost for the course will be provided as a statement of work based on your specific organization's requirements. 

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